Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sr. B Saints beat Brooklin (the quick cheap seat view)

by Homer Bridge

Sr. Saints and a short-staffed Brooklin Merchant squad scrimmaged in a tame affair at the Bill Burgoyne Arena before a light, baby-boomerish looking crowd on Friday night. The score became somewhat of an after-thought early into this evening as there was little doubt as to the eventual victors and the game quickly took on an exhibition feel. The Saints extend their win streak to five games and tonight's 18 - 6 win leaves them with a win-loss record of 7 and 2.

Saints took the opportunity to work on the timing and precision of their snap, east-west passing (a staple of their offence but something that on more than a few occasions this season has broken down badly as players seemed at times to be disconnected and unfamiliar with each other), some altogether different looks such as shooter to behind the net to cutter ball movements. When the timing is down and the sub-conscious synchronicity is attained, the result can be some beautiful play-making. That was in evidence tonight as defenders adopted a live-and-let-live approach while attackers worked on fine-tuning their game.

Needless to provide an exhaustive period-by-period summary. Suffice to say some players put up some big numbers...Geoff McNulty getting closer to game shape with four goals from his traditional near-the-net workplace while Chris Attwood zinged, slid, twisted and tricked in four of his own. Blue  Hill from the Fort (Fort Erie) had a rare hat-trick while rookie defender and galloping transitioner Spencer Allen displayed some sweet scoring touch after a couple of looping break-away feeds.

Brooklin's Jon Mason showed quickness and acuity to notch a hat-trick of his own while some good tenacity was put forth by Nick Loyst for the full sixty. Their legs must have been burning by the evening's end with the short bench.

Next game for the Saints will be Sunday in Oakville before returning home next Friday to face the Sarnia Beavers (now with Clint Lamarsh to bolster their attack in addition to the always entertaining Colin McDowell and Jimmy Perves). Brooklin visits Ennismore on Wednesday before hosting Oakville next Friday.

View from the Cheap Seats. Have a nice weekend.

Saints next home game: Friday June 13th vs Sarnia Beavers at Bill Burgoyne arena 8:30pm